Meet our Special Supporter… Samantha DiMilia

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Meet our Special Supporter… Samantha DiMilia

Thirteen-year-old Samantha DiMilia of Mineola, NY, has a talent for making beautiful jewelry, and a very special spirit of giving.  For the past several years, Samantha has been hand-crafting beaded bracelets, selling them at fundraising events, and donating the proceeds to support Rocking The Road For A Cure’s mission to ease the burden of treatment for breast cancer patients.  To date, Samantha has donated over $850 to the organization, earned completely through her own inspirational efforts, and with the support of her parents, grandparents, and extended family as role-models.

Samantha wrote in 2012 about the motivation for her Bracelets for Breast Cancer efforts:

“I try to do as many good deeds as I can.  But, one of my best and most recent “good deeds” is making bracelets, selling them, and donating the money to a breast cancer charity.” (Rocking The Road For A Cure)

“My aunt is a breast cancer survivor.  She had breast cancer…and I saw her lose all her hair.  She did not look good.  I felt very sad for her.  My aunt is doing well now and sponsors many events to raise money to help people who have breast cancer.  Everyone likes the bracelets I make, so I decided to make bracelets and sell them at a fashion show (in May, 2012) and give the money to the breast cancer charity. 

“I do little jobs to get the money to buy the beads.  Whenever I have spare time, I make the bracelets.  Hopefully, I will sell all of them.”

“I don’t know a lot about breast cancer, but I know it is a terrible thing. I saw what it did to my aunt.  I’m glad she didn’t die.  I hope the money I make from the bracelets will help make a difference to people who have breast cancer.”

It’s hard to imagine that such an enterprising young woman would have any extra time, but over the years, Samantha has been active in many sports, earned her black belt in karate, played drums in her school band, and is involved in Girl Scouts.  She and a fellow Girl Scout earned their Silver Medal by making up flyers to educate people about donating hair for wigs for breast cancer patients.  Samantha is also an animal lover, and has done additional charity work through her Girl Scout troop, collecting donated items for a local animal shelter.

Samantha is a model of generosity for children and adults alike, and Rocking The Road For A Cure would like to thank our special supporter for her extraordinary generosity!

Samantha’s Bracelets for Breast Cancer will soon be available for purchase right here at