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Third Party Event Application

Rocking The Road For A Cure is grateful to those individuals and organizations that hold events to support our programs and services. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, RTRFAC must adhere to specific legal and financial requirements. Please complete the application below to submit details about your event. Upon approval, we will contact you to review marketing and promotional materials, and guidelines for using our nonprofit status to obtain donations.

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Event Guidelines & Agreement

Promotional Support

Rocking The Road For A Cure must approve all promotional materials for the event. Appropriate use of RTRFAC’s name and fundraising mark will be reviewed prior to marketing event with Rocking The Road For A Cure as event charity. The Rocking The Road For A Cure logo may NOT be printed on any materials, posted to websites or used on promotional items. RTRFAC’s assistance with promotion may include links in e-news, posting to the RTRFAC website, posts on RTRFAC’s Facebook Wall and Event section, Tweets and assistance with drafting and distribution of press releases. Please let RTRFAC know if you’d like a representative to speak at your event or simply attend the event and receive a check.

Financial Information

It shall be the goal of all events intended as fundraisers to net at least 50% of gross income. Checks should be made out to Rocking The Road For A Cure. The event cannot incur any debt or make purchases or solicitations in the name of Rocking The Road For A Cure. Rocking The Road For A Cure’s sales tax-exemption cannot be used for third party events, without written consent from RTRFAC. If income derived from the event is insufficient to cover the expenses, the sponsoring organization will be liable for any deficit.

Licenses & Permits

It is the responsibility of the person (s) organizing the event to obtain all applicable permits, licenses and insurance certificates that may be required. All contracts and permits related to event must be issued in the name of the sponsor and signed by an authorized representative of the sponsor. Rocking The Road For A Cure retains the right to require proof of insurance and “named additional insured” coverage under the sponsor’s insurance policy depending on event specifics.

IRS Regulations

To qualify as a tax-deductible charitable donation, participant checks must be made out to Rocking The Road For A Cure. If there is an admission fee or ticket purchased to attend the event, the fair market value received by the participant must be clearly stated in related materials and on the ticket.

Third Party Fundraisers

A third party fundraiser is a company, organization or individual that wishes to hold a promotion, event, or sale to benefit Rocking The Road For A Cure. We are grateful for dollars raised through events – they help our organization provide in-home health and wellness services to individuals undergoing breast cancer treatment.

Because of the volume of these requests, we cannot personally participate in each event that is proposed but will provide materials about Rocking The Road For A Cure and the services we provide for your event.

Rocking The Road For A Cure encourages third party events (i.e. golf outings, marathons, sales benefiting RTRFAC, etc). As an event organizer, we ask that interested individuals provide all the elements needed to complete the event promotion. Before an individual, company or organization may proceed with a special event or promotion to benefit our organization, they must fill out an agreement provided by RTRFAC. These rules only apply to event organizers who wish to use the name of Rocking The Road For A Cure or its logo in promoting the event, and not to companies organizing internal employee teams. RTRFAC will review every application, and reserves the right to deny any or all parts of an application.

If you are interested in organizing an event that supports Rocking The Road For A Cure, please contact Dawn Frey at 516.417.1911 or via e-mail at You may also download your third party proposal form and can review the third party fundraiser rules and regulations here. We thank you for your interest and support.

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